Done and done: a ribbed Blackwood cardigan

Hello! I’m writing this as a I wait for the bus in the early morning sunshine. It seems appropriate that spring has finally arrived and I’m posting about my ultimate summer cardigan.

Last spring, I made a short Blackwood radian out of a beautiful white and navy striped knit I randomly bought in Toronto from a designer selling off their stock. The intention was to replace a blue and navy rtw cardigan I loved for years but eventually had to toss as t was full of holes. It was perfect because it was light and went with everything and basically lived in my purse all summer for those air conditioned museum afternoons or rare, chilly summer nights.

The sweater turned out beautifully, but I rarely wore it. It took me a while to figure out why, but I think there are two main reasons. 1. It was way too thick. This is less a “too warm” situation than a “won’t fit in my bag situation.” 2. I started transitioning my summer neutral to black. I always very strictly wore black for winter and spring and navy summer through fall. I saw an article in a fashion magazine a while ago making the case for black in summer and I haven’t turned back. I have a strict “no black and navy” rule, so I found this sweater didn’t go with as many outfits as I thought it would.

Knowing all this and that I still needed a summer cardigan, I snapped up this gorgeous grey and white micro rib knit when I spotted it at fabrications a month of so ago. For the first time in ever, I actually bought a fabric for a specific pattern and looked up the yardage requirements to get exactly enough.

Since this is a tried and true pattern, there isn’t much to say about the construction except that this fabric is a real pain to work with. It’s beautiful to wear, but awful to sew. It’s extremely light and slippery, meaning it got caught on every hangnail and would lift if my slightly sticky fingers (from the wondertape) even brushed it. I also really struggled stitching the pockets on, even using the wonder tape. The very top layer, which wasn’t stuck down with tape, shifted a lot, but what can you do?🤷‍♀️

I sewed it up on the weekend and pretty much wore it constantly, so I’m pretty confident this one will be a hit, but only the summer will tell!

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