Me-made May 2019

Ooooookay, friends. After much deliberation, I think I have nailed down my pledge for Me-made May:

✔️I pledge to wear as many me-made garments as possible and to feel as good as possible in my ever-growing skin.

✔️I pledge to keep things interesting by finding creative ways to wear favourite me-mades that are not maternity.

I’m pregnant this year, so I’m taking it easy on myself. I have a very limited amount of clothes that fit, so I’m not going to give myself a minimum ratio of me-mades to wear. I also find it a bit silly to disallow myself from wearing rtw maternity clothes that I love and will only get to wear for a few more months. Basically, I plan on making May my own me-made maternity fashion show and y’all are invited!

I’m going to track my outfits similarly to last year, with a quick photo every day and a grade for the day in certain categories. This year, I’m tracking:

✔️# of me-mades

✔️# of maternity-specific garments

✔️Appropriateness to weather and occasion



✔️Overall confidence

I’ll do a roundup at the end of the month, it if you want to see each day’s photo in real time, follow my on Instagram! @couturious

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