Planning my Maternity Wardrobe

This is my second pregnancy and I learned a lot about maternity clothes my first time around.  I learned that maternity clothes are hard to find – even in large urban centres like Ottawa. I learned that they are pretty terrible in quality (I burned through the inner thighs of three pairs of pants and tossed two tops before reaching the end). I also learned that the maternity clothes available tend to be kind of frumpy.

I decided that for this pregnancy, I would make all of my clothes. My goal is to make clothes that I’m going to love wearing throughout my pregnancy but also make some of them work after. I do not plan on having any more kids after this one and I hate falling in love with clothes I know I won’t get to wear again.

I took an inventory of the clothes I had left from my last pregnancy and it is not a lot. I had borrowed a bunch from a friend, so what I was left with was kind of random items that do not coordinate. I was also pregnant during a different season, so a lot of what I have is not appropriate for spring/summer. (My first is born in late April and this one is due in late August).

What I have from my last pregnancy is:

-1 set of pyjamas

-ankle-length grey leggings

-3/4-length black leggings

-teal long sleeve henley

-off-while an gold star print henley

-black bow sweatshirt

I currently have another pair of leggings and a pair of mid-blue jeans in my drawer, but both are so thin in the crotch I won’t get more than two or three more wears out of each. I do also have a bunch of non-maternity clothes that will still fit for a good long time (a few pairs of leggings, and some t-shirts.)

Realizing how little I actually had, I quickly set to project planning and scheduling makes in my calendar. In order, I plan to make

img_1535-knit dresses (I’ve actually already completed two of these – a River dress and a Nikko)

-3 pairs of maternity pants which will get cut into capris then shorts as it gets warmer. (I plan on making the Goldilegs jeggings in powder blue corduroy and indigo and black demin.)

-1 semi-formal midi dress to wear to tea parties (I have two coming up!) and a graduation (I’m looking at the Chalk and Notch Orchid Dress)

-3 light, work-appropriate tops (I’ve actually already made a Megan Nielsen Cara t-shirt and have downloaded the Victory Patterns Roxanne blouse which has suddenly disappeared from their website. I have a sheer pink sort of plaid rayon that I think will look awesome. I’m also considering the scraps from my cactus-print chambray Jessica dress. )

-A light blackwood cardigan (I’ve already bought some super soft grey and white striped ribbing and am sooooo excited)

-A casual dress to wear to things like barbecues or museums (This looks like it’s going to be a slightly modified Charlie Caftan in a navy and white windowpane check linen)

20180702_1907181531784540.jpg-Tank tops (I have neither fabric nor pattern picked out, but these will likely be loose Adventure tanks that I will be able to wear after baby is born. I’m thinking some ribbing and a cute little button placket)

-A bikini (My current bathing suit is high-waisted and will obvi not work. I have a yard each of black and white stripe and solid royal blue so I might make a couple coordinating separates).

-A chic robe to wear in the hospital and to receive guests once the baby has arrived. (I’ve already downloaded the Suki Kimono pattern and now get to spend months finding the perfect fabric)

These plans basically take me into July and will require some serious concentration to actually complete on schedule.



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