Did you learn to sew in school?

20181022_1510261853719453.jpgAs you may have figured out, I am an elementary school teacher and my goal is to get needle and thread into the hands of as many kids as possible! I’m really interested in learning about your experiences learning sewing in school. Did you do Home Ec as a kid? Did you take a “fashions” credit in high school? Did you have a crazy art teacher who made you hand-stitch Christmas ornaments? If yes, I want to know about it! If you have a few minutes to fill out the form below, I would be eternally grateful and if you happen to have photos of your school sewing projects that you could share with me, that would be amazing! Keep in mind that I plan on posting all of this to the blog, so only fill this out if you are okay with me sharing your thoughts.

One thought on “Did you learn to sew in school?

  1. Teaching more people how to sew is great. It is such an important skill for the home, and for world-wide awareness. Much like the modern food movement revolving around sustainable farming practices, sewing too can help highlight global production issues, and help connect people with the things they wear.

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