Done and Done: The Red Archer Button Up

20171012_152712I have watched online other sewists making the most amazing Archer Button Ups and decided it was finally time to take the plunge myself. In true Sam Style, I committed to making multiples before I even got started. This red plaid number was my first of three.

20171012_152457.jpgI had the red plaid flannel in my stash for a while and was looking to fill a cosy, casual hole in my wardrobe. After pre-washing and drying the fabric, I tried to meticulously match the plaid, but it turns out the flannel shrank crooked, so I had to let some seams go unmatched. Since making this top, I’ve read that serging or basting together the selvedges before prewashing can prevent this. I’ll try it next time.

20171012_152933(Ps. I totally just had to look up the spelling of selvedge and it turns out there are two spellings – “selvage” in the States and “selvedge” in British English. As we Canadians fall somewhere in between the two, I’m going to choose the latter, mostly as it contains the word “edge” and it makes the most sense to me. The things you learn, eh?)

I made a muslin, but as often happens, the fit still isn’t perfect the first time. I’m learning that Grainline loves a lot of ease, so in the future, I’m going to cut a size down from the suggestion right off the bat. I also added two inches in length to make this wearable over tights (ie. butt- and crotch-covering). As is my standard, I shortened the sleeves by two inches.

20170920_082203It had been a while since I’d made anything with a collar, so I was really happy to discover the sew-along on Grainline’s website. It was also my first time putting in a placket and sewing a cuff as I generally dislike long-sleeved blouses. I’m a total sew-along convert now and may actually choose patterns based on the availability of sew-alongs. This one is super easy to follow.

I had a lot of fun with the fabric for this one. One of my favourite things to do with plaid is cut pieces on the bias. For this one, I cut the yoke and pockets to get fun diagonal stripes. I had a hard time sewing both as the tended to stretch (as fabric does, cut on the bias) quite a lot, so in the future, I’d interface these pieces.

wp-image-1240981082I also bought a fat quarter of contrasting quilting cotton that I intended on making into bias tape to bind the hem when this fabric was intended to be a dress. Instead, I used this fabric to cut the inner yoke and the under collar and I am super happy how this turned out. I love the way my tag looks against the blue, framed by the red plaid.

This top turned out baggier than I intended, but now that I’ve worn it a couple of times, I kind of love it. I wore it open over a tank top and light-wash jeans and was instantly transported back to being a pre-teen at the height of grunge in the nineties. Over all, I’m pretty happy with this button up and am excited to wear it on repeat this fall.

3 thoughts on “Done and Done: The Red Archer Button Up

  1. […] The red plaid Archer Button Up. This was my first Archer and I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do. Plaid isn’t generally my style, but this is always the first thing I wear after doing laundry. Like, I don’t think that this top has actually made it to hanging up in my closet more than a handful of times. I think it’s the softness of the fabric and the fit. I made this top looser than I normally do button downs which made it so very cozy. […]

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