Done and Done: The Cream and Gold Archer

Some of my favourite purchases have been impulse buys. My theory is that my gut knows better than my brain what I like, so when I see something I need to have immediately, it almost always ends up being a favourite. That’s exactly what happened with this fabric. I knew immediately that it was perfect for View B of the Archer Button up. 

Done and Done: The Red Archer Button Up

I have watched online other sewists making the most amazing Archer Button Ups and decided it was finally time to take the plunge myself. In true Sam Style, I committed to making multiples before I even got started. This red plaid number was my first of three.

Sew Every Day Challenge: Week 10 (or, “Make Sure You Have the Right Thread”)

Sleep training is working super well for our family and the baby is sleeping for much longer chunks in the day. We’re on a very loose 3-nap schedule so her first nap is always my dedicated sewing time. This also happens to be her best nap (I’ll pretend that the whir of my machines lull her to sleep), so this week I got to sew in luxuriously long spans of time.  At this rate, I may actually get my last two Archers done before my self-imposed deadline of October 1.