Done and done: Gingham ruffle blouse

20160815_140607As I get into back-to-school sewing, I get really excited about blouses. My work uniform basically consists of sleeveless blouses, cardigans, trousers and ballet slippers. Obviously blouses are the most fun (and easiest) of these to make.

I fell in love with a Burda PDF pattern and decided to go for it. What I loved about the pattern was the simple stand-up collar and the cute ruffles. I’ve always loved vaguely-victorian items and it turns out, this fall, it’s a trend. I’d also recently scooped up this teeny-tiny black and white gingham and was anxious to add it to my fall capsule.

20160811_095228This pattern instructs you to leave the edges of the ruffles un-finished, as, being cut on the bias, they shouldn’t fray. I’m not a huge fan of raw edges, so I decided to use my rolled hem foot to daintily finish them. This went well except for the bottom curves on one side. When hemming the curved part at the end of the seam (i.e. coming off the straight part) I got a nice, easy curve. When I had to start from the bottom of the ruffle, on the curve, (because the rolled hem foot only has one side) it was much more difficult.

20160815_140617The bow buttons, which I thought would be my favourite part, ended up being the worst. As the bows are oddly shaped, they don’t easily go through the button holes. Even after working the holes to soften them, buttoning this blouse is still a chore. They also refuse to sit straight. For some reason, they all tilt to one side. I guess at least it’s the same side?Also, the one at the top is pointy and pokes my neck!

I’m also not sure I love the hem. The super straight hem just doesn’t sit right with me and I think I’ll round the hem for next time. Similarly, I don’t love the waist darts when the top is on and I might take them out for a boxier, flowier cut. Either way, I’m still excited to wear this blouse to school!

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