Another ruffle skirt (or what can I squeeze out this weekend?)

20160611_095035I bought this fun dotted chambray in the spring intending to make a casual sleeveless dress for sightseeing. As I got into my upgrade course (for work, not sewing), I realized that would not be happening, so I sort of resigned myself to buying the clothes I would need for our trip to Germany, which we will have left for by the time this will be published.

20160616_054638And then I fell in love with the perfect purse for all summer occasions, but the bloody thing cost the better part of my trip clothing budget. I decided to roll my sleeves up and pump out a few garments with the fabric I already had to free up my cash for this perfect bag. I got up at the crack of dawn and made a to do list to check off as I finished parts of my course and the sewing.

20160611_104251One big trend being forcast for this fall already is the paperbag waist – which I’ve always just called a ruffle waist. The ruffle skirt was the first of three garments I planned for the weekend. I’d already made one in the summer, but only had to recalcuate my rectangles and decide how to go about lining it. The fabric on its own is just see-through enough to warrant a lining, but this chambray is so light and soft I couldn’t bear to line it with any of the polyester linings I had. Seeing as I had a ridiculous amount of fabric (Something like 3.5 or 4 yards), so I just lined it in the same fabric.

20160620_122101I also decided to make a little sash/belt I could tie around the waist with a little bow, if I were in such a mood. My favourite part of this skirt, however, is the hem. I goofed a bit on my calculations and didn’t have much of a hem allowance. It didn’t much matter, as I had always planned on binding the hem with this fun, red bias tape. Since I happened upon this fabric, I have dreamt of using it with chambray some how.

So far, this skirt has been the comfiest, easiest thing to wear on hot days. I just hope it stands up to some intense sightseeing this summer!

2 thoughts on “Another ruffle skirt (or what can I squeeze out this weekend?)

  1. […] The chambray ruffle skirt. This skirt was made specifically because I already loved the one chambray skirt I made last year and wanted another in the rotation. I adore the softness of the fabric and the little dots are the best! (They do, however, rub on my cross-body bag and tend to pull.) I also LOVE the bias binding on the hem. I came across this scrap of fabric only large enough to make bias tape, so I did, then waited for the perfect project. It it the perfect pop of colour against the neutral blue-grey. […]

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