Me Made May in a hurry

20160508_171654I quickly realized that I had very little to wear for Me Made May once I cycled through my favourites in Week 1. I decided to turn to my trusty McCall’s 7195 and whip up a little shirt dress.

20160514_170505It didn’t take too long, as I had already extended the pattern to make this sweatshirt dress. I altered the hem to be straight across and cut the short length sleeves. I had bias tape left over from my tank top made in the same fabric, which I used for the sleeve and neck cuffs.

20160514_170550I’m still struggling to deal with knits without a coverstitch machine, so my solution was to sew everything with my serger and use a wide band (of the stripes running vertically, which is absolutely my favourite part of this dress).

In the week since I made this dress, I’ve worn it three times – once to school and twice after work, once for tacos and another time for a quick walk with the hubby. He is quite the fan as he says it ‘fits perfectly,’ which of course it does, I made it that way!

I would like very much to get my hands on some more knits to make a ton of these. This top is SO COMFY!

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