Chanel-style cardigan jacket


I recently took a class to make an unlined blazer resembling the classic Chanel jacket. I made a basic black version in class and whipped this one up over the weekend as homework. Because I couldn’t not make a jacket to look like the Chanel runway styles, I altered my pattern a little and added some flourishes. 

This is an unlined jacket, but the fabric is a pretty loose weavr bouclé, so I interlined it with white fabric. Im not sure I’d interline anything again. I tried on the disastrous green plaid skirt and only had mildly more sucess this time. It involved a lot of steam and pressing.


The original pattern has buttons, but you can see this jacket has a frog closure. With the advice of my instructor,  I easily changed my pattern to meet in the middle instead overlapping. I also added pockets and butt-load of trim.


He trim was by far my favourite part (and the longest) to make. I did a lot for experimenting, but I absolutely love the way it look. I’ll be posting a post on making trim soon as I definitely learned a lot!

4 thoughts on “Chanel-style cardigan jacket

  1. […] The pink Chanel-style jacket. I love this one even though the fabric isn’t amazing and it is a fairly simple cut. I love it because it is the exact style of jacket I have been craving for so, so long. I also love it because blush pink and black are my go-to colours for three-quarters of the year. I also made a black version and a yellow version, but I like this one best as it has the frog closure. Once I’ve had this baby and am back to a semi-normal shape, I think I’ll make myself another, similar jacket in another colour (or five!) […]

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