Kate Spade Bow sweater hack

  I walked by the Kate Spade store so many times, drooling over this jacket before I finally went in to look at it. Analyzing why I loved it, I discovered my favourite features were the soft colour (the palest pink!), the sequins (sparkly!) and the off-centre, oversized bow (perfection!) and realized I could have all that in one garment in my closet! I still had some of the pink Laura Ashley linen-cotton blend wit those amazing silver stripes. Huzzah!

  I turned to what has become my favourite pattern du jour (I have made four tops and counting) McCall’s M7195 and got to work. The hardest part was getting the bow properly proportioned and walking the line of too floppy or not fluffy enough (I’m still not convinced I totally nailed it). 

  When I first made the top, I couldn’t find the pattern piece for the waistband ribbing, so I estimated. I made it way too long meaning it didn’t pull the fabric tight to my hips and bagged somewhatafter wearing it once and deciding I didn’t like the fit, I took out the waistband and re-did it. I’m very pleased with the result and this has quickly become my favourite top!

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