The cat shirt

IMG_1479One of my dear friends is a self-proclaimed cat lady. She celebrated last week the 15th anniversary of when she adopted her beloved (and ailing) Jenga Jayde. To honour her favourite feline, she threw a party, complete with kitty decor, matching cupcakes, games and collection of donations to the shelter where she adopted Jenga.

IMG_1485Of course I was going to make something cat-themed. My original plan was to use my now-favourite McCalls M7195 to make a sort of sweatshirt with a front panel that looks like cat ears. Turns out I didn’t have quite enough fabric, so I had to move on to plan B: Take a loose weave knitted sweater in white, and trace the outline of cat ears across the upper bust in black wool. Of course I couldn’t find anything suitable, so I was on to plan C: Lace appliqué on white t-shirt.

IMG_1492I found a cheap tee at Forever 21, ran home and set to work. I at first tried to freehand the cat, but quickly realized I would need a pattern, so I got onto Google. I printed out a cat silhouette and set to work. Once I had that figured out, the rest didn’t take too long. The top turned out great and went perfectly with the sparkly peep toes I get to wear almost never. I threw on a little motorcycle jacket and I was done! It turns out this top is my new favourite. It’s so comfy, but also fun!

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