Sewing Room Revamp

IMG_1927I finally got tired of my ugly, old ironing board cover. I inherited it from my Aunt (well, her parents’ basement) years ago, and it was ugly then. When the forest green fabric I was pressing steamed the cover green, I knew it was time. I also felt that sharing photos of my sewing projects under construction needed a better backdrop than the stained, pink and black swirls. I also really wanted one of the cool, stylized craft rooms I had drooled over on pinterest forever.

IMG_1924Having spent a good deal of my craft budget in Montreal, I didn’t have much money for decorating, so much of this is DIY. I sewed a cover for my chair (with the amazing unicorn fabric!), covered the ironing board, painted my handles, all for pretty much free. I had a gift card for Nordstrom, so I picked up the letters that spell “SEW” and the wood sign that says “Happy girls are the prettiest.” I got the little oval frame at the dollar store, but had pretty much every thing else around.

IMG_1925The white frame was kicking around, so I used it to frame the cover of a vintage knitting pattern of my grandmother’s. The pink frame once housed my good friend’s mother’s family portrait from the 60s. I painted it pink with a can I had around. The fabric was left over from the ironing board, and I found the silver elastic in a drawer. The little oval frames houses a tag my sister made me to iron into my clothes, so I thought I would give it centre stage.

IMG_1934I like the way the whole thing looks together. I think it’s whimsical and charming, and I find, quite inspiring. My next big step is finding some kind of folding table to do my cutting on. I’m feeling far too old to continue doing it on the floor!

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