Perfecting the pockets

Aaah organization. Putting those gifts to good use.

Time spent: 2 hrs

Total time: 8hrs 30

After a week’s hiatus, I am back at the jacket. I got several new tools for Christmas and am super excited to continue my couture journey better stocked (Thanks to mom and her wonderful assistant, my aunt!)

I received a lot of neat stuff for organizing (bobbin case, pattern box, thread organizers), and some nifty tools. Some you’d be surprised I didn’t yet own, others you may never have heard of (I sure hadn’t!). Here’s a list if you’re interested:

-mechanical chalk pencil

-curve ruler (for making and altering patterns, used for shoulders, collars, sleeves, etc)

-bendable ruler

-tailor’s ham (for pressing open curved seams)

-pressing cloth

And many other things I am forgetting at present.

These are my beautiful fell stitches. You almost can’t see them!

Today, I got back at the jacket and worked on the pockets. I had to re-do one side I had completed before the holidays because I could not get it to sit straight. After that, I learned how to sew a fell stitch in order to attach some of the basted folds at the pocket opening to the body of the jacket. I had to re-stitch these tiny portions three times each because I had trouble getting the pieces to lay flat, but the end result looks great (at least, I think so). After that, I sewed the pocket linings together, creating an actual pocket that can hold things. Lastly, I sewed the side sections to the existing front panels. The jacket is finally starting to take shape!

3 thoughts on “Perfecting the pockets

  1. Hi Samantha, is there any advice you can give me about the pockets on vogue 8333? I am frustrated and frozen in place. Doing the couture method and followed quite well till these pockets. They do not make sense. If I follow the directions, as bad as they are, they do not work. I am very experienced sewer and this is first time English written directions make no sense and I cannot figure out even to make up my own way. Not even sure what it is supposed to look like.
    I did not find any photos of your pockets except the fell stitching on bottom. I fell stitch all the taping inside so that will not be a problem if ever I get past this pocket design issue. Thanks.

    1. Donna, thanks for your comment! I unfortunately never finished the jacket. After my last posted entitled “Frustration,” I moved and then got married and the project fell by the wayside. I hope you figured out the pockets!

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