Days 1 and 2: pinning and cutting

Time spent: 1 hr 30 mins

Total time spent: 2 hrs 30 mins

Before I write about the project, I should talk about the pattern first. I’m doing Vogue 8333 from the Claire Shaeffer Custom Couture Collection  and I plan on doing it to the letter. For those who aren’t familiar with Claire Shaeffer, she is a couture vet who frequently contributes to Threads magazine. She is also the author of an amazing guide that I am dying to buy entitled Couture Sewing Techniques. Even if you aren’t interesting in sewing couture, the book is worth thumbing through for pictures of awe-inducing vintage couture.

To start, I am only doing a mock-up in a cheaper fabric. My plan is to have that done by Christmas (we shall see about that) so I can fit it and start on the “good copy” in January.

Last night and today were passed deciphering directions, finding and cutting out pieces (there are so MANY). The first five steps of the directions don’t involve any sewing at all, just marking construction lines and seams. This is not something I would normally do, especially since all of the seam allowances are the standard 5/8 of an inch and it seems unnecessary. I did it anyway, hoping that I am forming good sewing habits and that all of the tedious chalk tracing will result in a magically beautiful jacket. We shall have to see. Tomorrow (if I have time), I get to start sewing. I’ve spent so much time already I’m actually excited for darts. Oi.

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