Bright beginnings

Batman party dress
My darling sister celebrating her exit from teenagerhood in an absolutely age-appropriate frock

I have been sewing recreationally for years and am rarely daunted by a sewing project. It has become tradition that, for birthdays and Christmases, my sister gets a carte blanche of one garment as a gift. (She rang her last birthday in wearing a custom Batman dress I created for her.)

This Christmas, she decided she wanted a blazer. We scoured online catalogues of our (my) favourite patterns manufacturers and decided on one by Vogue. Upon looking at the actual pattern envelope, I realized the pattern was much more difficult than I expected. The pattern required four different types of interfacing, two types of lining, and two sets of fashion fabric in order to make a “muslin” (which is actually made out of a cheap suiting as muslin is kind of ridiculously expensive for what it’s used for).

Armed with more material than I’ve ever used for one article of clothing and four pages (front and back!) of directions, I am determined to make this the most immaculate garment this poor student has ever owned. And I plan to use this blog to chart my progress (or lack thereof).

My goal is to learn as much as possible about constructing something couture as well as figure out how to make it fit perfectly. This girl better not change in size. Ever.

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