How to: Make Your Own Passport Holder

This is the quickest, easiest little project that can be whipped out during a short nap or over the course of a couple of commercial breaks. It’s easy as pie if you are a beginner sewist or don’t have a machine. These little passport holders make the perfect little gift (or stocking stuffer, because, really, who hasn’t already started their Christmas crafting?) and can be cut out of teensy scraps or fat quarters. … Read More How to: Make Your Own Passport Holder

How to: Copy your fave undies

I have a massive drawer full of underwear and wear maybe 10 per cent of them. I buy panties so infrequently (don’t judge) that companies change their patterns before I can bulk buy the undies I have figured out I like. 
In my last batch of underwear, I discovered the most comfortable pair of briefs I’ve ever owned. They have no elastic, which is a huge plus for me as I find that waistbands and legbands (?) squeeze and are never comfortable. This one magical pair was a basic boy-cut style with unfinished edges – they stayed in place, caused no visible lines and looked ridiculously simple to copy. If you’ve got your own pair of favourite, unicorn underwear read on to learn how to replicate them. … Read More How to: Copy your fave undies

Done and Done: The Mint Kitty Cat Linden

Over the past weeks, I’ve been waxing poetic about the Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline Studio.  This next top has nothing to do with my fall capsule, but I love it so much any way. 
 In the winter, I made the cutest maternity top with these adorable mint kitties. I kept the scraps because that’s what you do with fabric this cute. When I discovered how little fabric was necessary for a Linden Sweatshirt, I got really excited and immediately ran to my scrap bag. I had exactly enough to cut a shirt front (but no back) from the mangiest piece of fabric (not a straight edge in sight. I totally had to eyeball the grain).… Read More Done and Done: The Mint Kitty Cat Linden