How to: Pattern Hack a Knit Kalle Top

For a long time, I’ve been searching for the ideal top for work: easy to wear, comfy and versatile. I wanted a knit box top that passes the lean over test (I’m a teacher), has enough detail to pass as a work shirt, but casual enough to wear on a weekend and is basically secret pyjamas. I thought to myself, I pretty much want the Closet Case Kalle, but in a knit and without a collar. And then I remembered that I can do that, so I did.

I whipped up three so I could perfect my method before sharing this hack with you, and I’m pretty confident in this top. It. Is. The. Best. There are shockingly few adjustments to make to this pattern to make it knit-appropriate and the great design details Closet Case snuck in for the woven version still elevate this top in a stretchy fabric. If you are looking for your spring/summer uniform, look no further!… Read More How to: Pattern Hack a Knit Kalle Top

How to: Make Your Own Maternity / Baby-wearing jacket insert

I’m a huge fan of babywearing in general, but in the winter, it’s going to be the main way we get around. We don’t have a car and so right now, we bus and walk every where. If you know anything about Ottawa winters, you know that they can be brutally cold for extended periods and can yield massive dumps of snow all at once. This poses particular problems for stroller-pushing families – no amount of bundling is going to be enough for an infant when we need to get across town in -35C for a mandatory doctor’s appointment, nor will I be able to push a stroller (even our huge-wheeled Bob) down un-ploughed sidewalks after we’ve gotten 40 cm of snow over night. A baby-wearing jacket insert is a necessity. I also realized that I may be pregnant again in the winter and the thought of wearing the awful, terrible, stupid maternity coat I wore last time makes me shudder, so I made the insert reversible so I can accommodate my baby bump warmly and in style next time.… Read More How to: Make Your Own Maternity / Baby-wearing jacket insert