Post-Partum Sewing: Why you should plan to make your clothes after having a baby

A few months before my daughter was born, I chatted with my very accomplished quilter Aunt who set me up with all of the books and material required to make quilted sewing machine covers. In my mind, just after having a baby was the perfect time to learn how to quilt a small project because, obvs, I was not going to sew clothes. I had zero expectation of having time to sew, so I figured I could take my year mat leave to a) get back to my “normal” shape (haha!) and b) very slowly finish a couple of little projects.

I am here to tell you that my logic was 100 per cent wrong and to convince you to not only try to sew clothes post partum, but also implore you to plan to sew a butt-ton of new garments. Or even to learn to sew clothes. Seriously, there has never been a better time.

Top five hits and misses of 2017

This has been a crazy year, and I have apparently made an insane amount of things. In January, I’ll be breaking down what I sewed this year so I can better decide what to work on in 2018, but for now I’m reviewing my biggest hits and missed of this year. Enjoy!

How to: Make Your Own Maternity / Baby-wearing jacket insert

I’m a huge fan of babywearing in general, but in the winter, it’s going to be the main way we get around. We don’t have a car and so right now, we bus and walk every where. If you know anything about Ottawa winters, you know that they can be brutally cold for extended periods and can yield massive dumps of snow all at once. This poses particular problems for stroller-pushing families – no amount of bundling is going to be enough for an infant when we need to get across town in -35C for a mandatory doctor’s appointment, nor will I be able to push a stroller (even our huge-wheeled Bob) down un-ploughed sidewalks after we’ve gotten 40 cm of snow over night. A baby-wearing jacket insert is a necessity. I also realized that I may be pregnant again in the winter and the thought of wearing the awful, terrible, stupid maternity coat I wore last time makes me shudder, so I made the insert reversible so I can accommodate my baby bump warmly and in style next time.