Exclusive Content on Patreon Coming July 1

I know I’ve been talking about this for a long time, but it’s finally happening VERY SOON. I’ll be posting my first instalment of paid content on Patreon next week and I wanted to chat with y’all about it.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to take time off from my job and spend more of my energy writing about capsule wardrobes and creating sewing content. I’ve tried a number of avenues that didn’t work out, so I’m trying my hand at paid content on Patreon. I will continue to post free articles and mini-tutorials on this blog and Instagram, but the stuff that takes more time, effort, and resources, will be available to my Patrons. The idea is to work up to generating enough income that I can resign part of my position and drop to part time to be able to continue this stuff.

The money generated from Patreon will first go towards upgrading my content (working with graphic designers, photographers, equipment like tripods for tutorial content) in addition to helping me drop down to part-time.

I’ve structured the tiers on my Patreon to hopefully make it accessible to everyone. I feel weird gate-keeping educational resources, so I’ve created a 1$ tier that gives you access to articles – just not the bonus perks.

The content that patrons have access to is a monthly long-form article about something related to wardrobe planning and design as well as a sew-along vlog where I walk you through one garment I’m making this month and show you exactly how I do each step.

Figuring out perks is surprisingly the hardest part of this new venture. Each month, supporters get some kind of digital download created by the extremely talented (and generally wonderful) Gemini Cheng. She’s also a sewist and has drawn up the most beautiful series of sewing-related digital art for us. I’ve also worked hard to find vendors (pattern companies, fabric stores) to offer discounts or giveaways each month.

Oh! I’ve also decided to give a little extra something to my first ten patrons in the mail, so don’t be weirded out when Patreon asks you for your address. 😊

Anyway, please check out my Patreon page for a full run-down of the tier structure and what you get at each level. Thanks as always for your support, pals!

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