Level 3: Nice (Every Day Work Wear)

For most of us, this is where we spend most of our time. If you’re working outside the home, Level 3 Nice could also be called “Every Day Work Wear.” For me, these are the clothes I wear every day except for special work occasions (like parent-teacher interviews) or casual days, like the Terry Fox run.

I find establishing a few outfit formulas for Level 3 to be really helpful so I always feel comfy and put together. This work “uniform” makes getting dressed really easy in the morning. I chose which combo I’m in the mood for that day and then mix and match items that coordinate to create a professional and practical work look.

Here are my three uniforms:

Tunic + jeggings + completer piece

Loose top + skinny jeans + completer piece

Dress + tights/leggings + completer

If you’re not familiar with the idea of a completer piece, it’s basically the garment that you add to your top and pants combo to make it a complete outfit. Some also call this the third piece. For my Level 3 wardrobe for the fall, it’s a cardigan, vest or blazer.

I’ve made sure that I stick to a strict colour palette so that everything works together. I’ve also made a point of not skimping on bottoms. I used to own two pairs of pants and about 20 shirts and a cardigan or two. I’ve realized it makes way more sense to spread the love and aim for a more balanced wardrobe.

Now, I have:

  • Four completer pieces (two Blackwood Cardigans, a RTW knit vest, and a Fulton Sweater Blazer
  • Four bottoms (one pair of RTW leggings and four pairs of almost identical skinny jeans
  • Four tops (two Kalle tunics and two River tops)
  • Two dresses (a Kalle and a River)

These 14 garments will get me through to the new year at work. I’ve got one more Kalle tunic and River dress in my sewing queue, but only because I want them, not because I need them.

You might also notice that this entire wardrobe is repeats. I’ve established a base silhouette (slim bottoms, loose and long top) and used a handful of tried and true patterns (or RTW garments). There are three Kalles, three Rivers, two Blackwoods and the same pair of jeans from American Eagle in three fabrics/colours. There is no risk involved in getting dressed in the morning. I know that anything I wear is going to look professional, but be comfy and stylish.

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