Done and Done: The True Bias Southport Dress

I’ve realized this summer that I don’t love wearing shorts, even when I make them to fit my perfectly. I decided that I wouldn’t make the three more pairs I had planned and would make one more easy dress for everyday wear in the hot weather. I’d been eyeing the Southport Dress for a while and knew it was time.

I didn’t make a muslin as the Southport is a pretty easy fit and I have a good handle on my basic adjustments. Using the finished measurements, I sized down in the top and the bottom, but still graded out once size from bust to hips. If I were to do make this pattern again, I wouldn’t bother grading, even with sizing down. This pattern has a lot of ease.

I shortened the bodice by one inch and took a second inch off the shoulder seam after putting it all together. I could have taken off more as I find the heavy buttons pull the front down and I needed to use some safety pins to make sure my bra didn’t show.

I took two inches off the skirt length at the shorten/lengthen line and then chopped eight inches off the bottom of the maxi-length view to get the calf-grazing midi skirt I prefer.

I also decided to put some elastic in the drawstring, like the Chalk and Notch Orchid midi calls for, for extra comfort. It’s honestly the most genius hack because you can tie the drawstring right at your waist, but still sit down comfortably!

For the first time, probably ever, I actually used a really current fabric instead of pulling something out of my stash from years ago. I fell in love with this Atelier Brunette viscose crepe at Fabrications and knew it was perfect. I had some Atelier Brunette buttons in my stash from Stone Mountain and Daughter (like these, only pink) and, of course, they work perfectly together. I don’t usually get excited about buttons, but I have been dying to use these.

Since making this dress three weeks ago, I’ve worn it at least a half dozen times. It’s the perfect easy, breezy dress to feel put together on hot summer days. There’s a good chance I’ll be wearing this dress on the first day of school.

6 thoughts on “Done and Done: The True Bias Southport Dress

    1. If you’ve stayed away because you were sized out, you can probably get away with not grading if you’re only one or two sizes out of the range. There is a lot of ease which I find unnecessary. Next time I make it, I’m sizing down at least two sizes from what the chart tells me I need. I think there’s a good 4 inches of ease so you can size down and it will still stay flowy!

      1. I think it’s one of those things where the amount of ease looks flowy and dreamy on skinny women, but can look sloppy at the upper end of the size range. 100 per cent my own opinion. Also remember that I’m short, so too much ease can also make things look massive on me in general.

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