2019 sewing goals

Cheers to a new year of sewing!

A new year of sewing is upon us! I took a little break to enjoy relaxing and hanging out with family, but now I am ready to get back at it. If you read my Best and Worst of 2018 post, you’ll know that I tried a bunch of new things last year (pants! underwear!) and have a much clearer idea of what I like to sew and what I like to wear. I also discovered that most of my fails boil down to bad fabric choice and rushing. So, without further ado, here are my big three goals to work on for this year:img_20180723_010626_4531172022144.jpg

  1. Fabric. Most of my fails boil down to choosing the wrong fabric for my project or just getting cheap junk. I always feel guilty when I see others post a new make and write at length about the fabric they used. I never do this because I almost never know what I am using. Often it’s because the fabric has been in my stash so long, but mostly, I don’t bother to look. I started photographing the ends of bolts when I bought fabric, but it was short lived and I never looked at it anyway. This year, I’m going to do way more research to learn about the weave and contents of fabrics, and look up what other people have used to make similar projects. I’m also going to start investing in much nicer fabrics for my projects. I have a few nice cuts ready to go, but also a lot of junk. I’m thinking I’ll start using these up for muslins and work on only investing in really nice fabrics. I don’t want my fails of 2019 to be because I used crappy or unsuitable fabrics.20180415_1238362012239510.jpg
  2. Finishes. To go along with buying better and nicer fabrics, I want to work on upping my game a little. I want to learn to embroider embellishments and learn the right way to do beading. I want to spend more time making my clothes so that I want to take inside shots of everything I make. I got really lazy at the end of this year and I need that to stop. I don’t want to be embarrassed to pass down any of these makes. 20180302_113513421153378.jpg
  3. Find my style. This header is a little misleading, but I wanted to keep with am F-theme. I’ve gotten a little better at making clothes that I really want to wear, but I think I can do better. I find I’m most empowered with my clothes make me feel cool, put-together and comfortable. My goal is to make every single one of my garments hit all three of those marks. I don’t want to make clothes that sit in my closet unworn or only get put into the rotation out of guilt.

My over all goal for 2019 is to really have as few fails as possible and only make clothes I really, really love. Here we go!

One thought on “2019 sewing goals

  1. Yes to all of these! Choosing the right fabric has been quite a struggle for me too. I seem to have it down fairly well now: I choose only natural fabrics – cotton, linen, wool, viscose – and mostly solids. Patterns don’t really work with my style.
    I love your description about your style: Cool, put-together and comfortable. I will probably steal that from you ;-). Can’t wait to see what you’ll be making in 2019.

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