Done and Done: A Navy and Burgundy Archer

It must be fall because I am sewing with burgundy plaid. I had a pretty strict colour palette going with my fall/winter sewing plans, but that went out the window when I saw these navy-and-wine checks. I loved my old faithful red plaid Archer, but I’ve literally washed and worn it to pieces, so it was time.

My last Archer was really loose and cozy, but hit at an awkward spot on my hip so it looked more baggy than tunic-y. I decided to chop this one back to the original length on the pattern. I also fitted the pattern a bit between Archers #1 (red plaid) and #2 (cream and gold check), so the fit was already less loose. I wanted a plaid shirt that looked nicer with jeans for a casual social event.


I struggled with the pattern matching even though I felt pretty confident starting this project. Luckily, I had lots of leftover fabric because I literally had to re-cut all the front pieces because I kept forgetting to factor in the overlap of the button placket. I originally wanted to perfectly match the placket plaid to the rest of the shirt, but after two failed attempts, I opted to go for a bias cut placket instead.


I also ran into trouble with the undercollar. I cut it on the bias as the pattern asks, but it stretched out so massively that I was significantly larger than the upper collar. I had to do some pretty substantial steaming to get it to the right shape, but time will only tell if the collar continues to roll the way it’s supposed to.


I rushed massively to get this top done, so there are a few more mistakes in there. I’m used to making my button ups quite long, so I generally don’t bother with a button in the last four inches. Well! I finished the top, threw it on, and went to party only to realize that I really did need one more button on the bottom. It’s not that I am showing any skin, but it’s very obviously – and awkwardly – missing a button.

Lastly, when photographing my sleeve plackets, I realized I put the buttonhole on the wrong side of one. I’m sure NO ONE will notice, but I feel like a bit of a boob because it is 100 per cent because I was rushing and not paying attention. And, unlike my missing button, I can’t fix it short of re-doing the cuff. I’m out of fabric and patience, so that is definitely not happening.

The jury is still out on this top. I was so excited to finally wear it when I finished but now I’m not totally sure. I think I wanted to somehow re-create the coziness of my favourite red Archer, but also make a top that I could wear in public. I’m not sure those two things can actually co-exist. I’ll keep you updated, friends!

One thought on “Done and Done: A Navy and Burgundy Archer

  1. […] The Navy and Wine Plaid Archer. I had such high hopes for this top and wore it exactly twice. I took such pains to match the plaids and literally re-cut all the front pieces to get it just right. I forgot, however, what adjustments I had made (ahem, or not made) to the pattern since making it a year earlier and it ended up too short and too tight at the hips. OH. And I put the buttonhole on the wrong side of one cuff. It was just a disaster so I tossed it so I wouldn’t have to look at it in my closet. […]

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