Sew Every Day Challenge: Week 4 (or ” When did button holes get so hard?”)

I apologise for the late post! I’m using the beta version of the WordPress editor app for android and I had trouble uploading photos. But it’s better late than never, I suppose!

We’re on the home stretch for traveling this summer, so I spent this week again preparing for sewing on the go. Luckily (I guess?), I didn’t do all thensewing I wanted to while camping last week, so I had some stuff saved up that I could do by hand. Unfortunately, I got kind of lazy while visiting my parents and didn’t get it done this week.

Date: Monday, July 31 Time sewing: ca. 30 mins

What I did: I turned that fricken draw string right side out and got the dang eraser out. Doing it in front of a campfire made it much less frustrating than it.could have been.

Date: Tuesday, August 1 Time sewing: technically, zero

What I did: I walked to the fabric store for patterns and a fat quarter for bias tape and fell in love with an offwhite cotton with a small, gold windowpane plaid that is PERFECT for a blouse in my capsule. I’ll count this as working on sewing.

Date: Wednesday, August 2 Time Sewing: 15 min; 30 mins

What I did: I started hand-stitching the underside of the button band in the afternoon. Later, in the evening, I continued sewing that button band, but only because I tried to go onto Facebook and my new Offtime app guilted me into not spending more time on social media.

Date: Thursday, August 4 Time sewing: 3 mins; 2 mins; 20 mins; 5 mins

What I did: I marked the button holes in fits and starts in the morning, and set to sewing them in the afternoon. I ran out of bobbin mid-hole; but it didn’t slow me down much for two reasons: 1) as per Nancy Zieman’s advice, I wound two bobbins at tge beginning; and 2) I have so much practice unpicking button holes from The Great Button Hole Debacle of 2017. In the evening, I found a couple minutes to finish the button holes by trimming thread ends and cutting them open.

Date: Friday, August 5 Time sewing: 25 minutes; 45 minutes

What I did: I set out to pin the bias tape to the armholes (mostly to see if I had enough- I knew it would be tight) and ended up getting to sew them on, too! Later in the morning, the baby went back to sleep and I planned to understitch the bias, but baby kept sleepilng and I got to completely finish the arm bindings AND the drawstring. Yay for sleepy babies!

Date: Saturday, August 6 Time sewing: none

What I did: Well, we’re sort of at my parents’ for a family get together and there was very little time I wasn’t visiting with family. I did, however knit a lot.

Date: Saturday, August 6 Time sewing: none

What I did: I have no excuse for today. I was just feeling lazy.

Total time sewing: 2 hours 55 minutes

What I learned:

    • There are a lot of short pockets of time I fill with my phone that I could easily swap with sewing.
    • I somehow find it easier to take out my knitting while chatting and visiting with people, but for some reason, sewing seems more difficult, even though it’s about the same effort to get going on.
    • It’s easier to get started if you set really low expectations of what you’ll accomplish in that chunk of time

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