Re-finishing projects


I’m a very impatient sewist. I’ve realized that most of my mistakes/shortcomings/failures in sewing can all be traced back to being too anxious to sew seams.  I get the most joy out of seeing my flat pieces of fabric become a 3-Dimensional garment and i find i rush to get to that point. More than once, I’ve had to go back to a project to finish something the right way, adjust something, re-jig a zipper, and this sweater is no exception.


When I made it in the fall, I wore this sweater at least once a week. I wore that crap out of that sweater until it lost its lustre sometime after Christmas. I had a picture taken wearing it and realized suddenly it looked awful on me. It sagged and poached and made me look about four months pregnant. Which is bad when you are not.


I realized the sweater looked great when I first made it because I pressed my seams so nicely flat. The fabric is fairly cheap, thick acrylic and did not keep the press. The collar, cuffs and bottom ribbing rode up and rolled and just looked terrible. So I went back and added top stitching to all of the seams to keep the seam allowances flat. It was hard to get into some of the seams, but not entirely impossible. I was also able to sneak one of my new tags in, too!
I got to wear my sweater again today and loved it! I think the reason I love this sweater so much is that it a) goes with both my blue and black neutrals; b) has fun texture with the sort of stockinette stitch and the diamond quilting; and c) it can be super casual with skinnies or professional with a blouse and statement necklace  (like I did today).
So. Lesson learned: take the time to do top stitching to make sure your seams lay flat. And just generally, to take. My. Time.

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