Done and Done: A nubby black Blackwood Cardigan

I rushed to make up a Blackwood before a weekend away in Toronto and I am so glad I did. I will probably wear this cardigan every single day. I didn’t have the time to send the pattern out to be printed for me, so I cut and paste it on my own. Even with pattern assembly, this project only took me two days to complete.

I used a black jaquard with raised fluffy dots that photographs terribly, but I promise is awesome. It only barely had the minimum required 40 per cent stretch, so I sized up when I cut it out. This ended up being unnecessary and it looked a little too slouchy, so I took it in a quarter inch down the side and around the arm scye. This was super duper easy as the sleeve isn’t set in.

Sew Every Day Challenge: Week 14 (or, “a slow start.”)

I took a bit of a break last week to publish a list of 100 Things I’ve Learned About Sewing and gave myself a couple days sans sewing to breathe after my mad dash to finish two Archers ahead of a Montreal trip and Thanksgiving weekend. I have also learned that I like to take a day or two after finishing a project to just be finished without starting something new. I feel refreshed and ready to start on my Closet Case Patterns Kelly Anorak.